"Tournasol Spotlight"
watercolor on paper, 15" x 22"

Returning from a day's outing to a place called Bergerac . . . .yes, Bergerac of Cyrano fame . . . . . . . . . you know! Cyrano Bergerac, the muskateer who wrote the love letters for his pal . . . .we drove through beautiful rolling hills of fields of grapes, corn, sunflowers and, occasionally, potatoes. On this overcast day, as we wove among the vineyards, a distant hill planted with fields of sunflowers, lit up under a sudden sunbeam. It was an amazing sight! I couldn't help myself. The urge to paint that contrast just could not be resisted. So, out came the soft brushes. Several glazes later, this is what showed up. A texture of granulated cool color underlies the warmth. There is an undulating rhythm to the countryside there that is hopefully mentioned in the painting. Enjoy!

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