New Links

This blog enterprise offers an amazing view of the art world and those artists who make it all work.

Obviously, there are thousands of artists out there. I have just added 5 links of artists whose capabilities I admire greatly. Check them out. While you are there looking at their work, also click on their links. You might find some who set your pulse to a sudden jump.

Here they are: Mick McGinty, Paul Ziakin, Louis Boileau, WK Moore, Keewon Hong and Edward Gordon.

For you watercolor fans, Mr. Moore has an extremely unique view. It is worth seeing.

For those who enjoy abstract / non objective work, see Mr. Ziakin.

Mr. Hong's works are positively radiant. A true color master.

Edward Gordon's work is a study in shape and composition.

They are all different, but each is extraordinary!

These artists deserve your attention. Enjoy!