Catching a Goal

"Terracotta and Cobalt Blue"
oil on linen on panel, 8" x 6"

That little voice is going off in my head about 100 by Sept 1. I am close, but I don't have much time left . . . and I have been out of the 'zone' for a while.

It is time to double up and make up for missed days of painting.

After fixing (yeah, Mike! You fixed it, for sure!! ;-) ) yesterday's painting this morning, I returned to the studio to quickly make a little still life study from my still life box of goodies. None of these goodies is particularly valuable, but the little pottery piece in the foreground of this painting was made by my oldest daughter. To me, it is a treasure. It is one of the few things I have of her 'doings.' She is an artist in her own right. Brenis Thompson is her name. Give her a click. She is doing some very cute stuff. You'll be surprised, I am sure.

As for this piece. It is more practice. Aren't they all? I am curious to see where this will be leading in another year. I can see changes already . . .even though I slop through some of them.

Now it's off to work!

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