Back in the Studio

"Crooked River Ranch"
watercolor, 11" x 15"

Okay! So it is a watercolor and not oil. Having come back from this spectacular location, I couldn't get the images out of my mind. A horrendous canyon this is probably 1500 feet deep or more (am guessing) cuts through central Oregon lava fields and screams with geological history. This golf course, called Crooked River Ranch, is on sort of a mezzanine . . .or intermediate level . . . .between the top of the rim of the canyon and the river below. We played this course out in the sage brush and marveled at the canyon walls and how the light in the late afternoon played all sorts of games with the canyon walls. The contrast of the dark, harsh walls and the soft color variation of silvery greens has been nagging me since I laid eyes on it. I did this piece for our host. I will be matting it and sending it off to he and his wife. I have a hunch he'll like it, being the golf nut that he is.

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