A Week More, Please

"A Big Lemon"

oil on linen on panel, 6" x 8"

After yesterday's slaughter of a canvas, I was looking for better results today. An improvement, but I need another week to get back to the zone. It is amazing to me how fast it slips away.

I think I have found the solution to my glare difficulties. Today I only used 'horizontal' light. That is, I hooded the painting so no light from above came in and used an aperature priority on the camera on a tripod. That told me to light only from the side. I am going to jury rig a light box from a cardboard box and see if I can set up something so I can photo quickly and accurately. Will see how it goes. Cardboard boxes are certainly not expensive.

This lemon came out of the fridge this morning. It was huge! The small mason jar gives some idea of the scale.

I hafta keep at it. Paint paint paint paint and paint some more! Eventually, it will become second nature and things will fall into place. Getting there is the fun of it!

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