Swept Up In It

"Red Teacup"
oil on gessoed masonite, 8" x 6"

Funny how one suddenly awakens to being conscious of one's own curious mental state. I have been swept up into the world of small still lifes without ever having purposely allowed it to happen. My gosh! Aren't there myriads of things to paint other than vessels of various kinds? After a haircut yesterday, I found myself wandering in an import shop and buying up a bunch of second rate glassware and a few items of pottery . . .teacups mostly. After I bought them, I couldn't wait to get home to paint them!

Whaaaaat? Uh-oh! I have caught a still life bug! This probably happened because I was house bound for a couple months caring for my injured wife. I only painted stills because it was convenient. I couldn't leave the house. But now . . . .I get all squiggly inside because I love to look thru and attempt to paint distortions in glass! Eeegads! What happened to all that masculine, outdoor, plein air stuff, Mike?

I suppose being too busy with other aspects of life prevents me going off to spend half a day or more painting. This morning, I rose at 4AM to complete this piece. No, I didn't set an alarm. My painting 'jones' woke me. (yes, I have it bad!) I have to be at an all day art 'show' at the museum to talk with folks and maybe sell a few paintings . . . .and for a little while tomorrow, too. So, I had to get this painting done before the day's activities began.

So now you know the story behind this painting. There will be more of this glassware, I assure you! And just look at how rich and delicious that red teacup is! What is it about red? It hums!

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