Nearing a Goal

"Tea and Spritz"
oil on gessoed masonite, 6" x 8"

"Waiting for Tea"
oil on linen on panel, 6" x 8"

I feel good today. I have reached something most would think crazy and impossible. Since May 1, I made a committment to paint daily, save Sundays and to have at least 100 paintings completed by Sept 1. Today, I painted numbers 80 and 81 ! With 19 left and a return from outta the country on August 7, I should have enough time to reach the 100 without strain.

Moreover, looking back just two months, I can see a lot of growth . . .which is the very reason I took this idea on.

To all of you who visit regularly, Ed, Elio, Robin, Nava, Chris B, Ev, and of course, Silvi . . . . . .TTFN! Or ta ta for now! We are on our way. I am putting together the last of the household details and we are gone. Check in once in a while. I'll be lookin in here via internet cafe a few times per week . . . . I just guess I can't be without yall fer very long! It must be all the support you guys are throwing my way!

OH!! I almost forgot! Bye, Mom! :p)) (Can't ferget her!!!)

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