Carried Away?

oil on linen on panel, 8" x 6"

This is getting to be absurd! Well, maybe not.

I have a mentality that is constantly seeking the 'different' from the norm. That same mentality has affected my painting fiercely for years. I suppose it is what sets my paintings apart from others and gives me my 'style' . . . .at least it is that way in my watercolors . . .see my website. I call this attitude reaching "beyond the obvious." In other words, I seek to carry most of my paintings away from actual 'reality' and create some of my own Art. Notice that is spelled with a capital "A." You see, there are literally millions of paintings created daily by those who lust for the obvious . . . .wellllll, maybe not actually lusting for it . . . .but, instead of allowing their own ideas and personal music to creep into the painting, they avoid it.

Don't get me wrong! There are some painters out there who work very hard at traditional realistic work. They are in my links. Each brings something MORE than the obvious to their work. Paul in the UK, Jeff Hayes, Karin Jurick, Carol Marine and many more offer up reality but in a way that is enticingly their own version of it. And that is what makes Art with a capital "A" in my opinion. Look through the links list here and drink in the rich artwork that is being created! You have your own private art gallery right here!

So, a few days ago I began my pinapple painting . . .that should be plural! . . .remember Saturday's post of the sketches? It is there. I have painting this one today, and am working on another that is truly 'beyond the obvious.' Every now and then I come accross something that throws ideas at me faster than I can process them. Such is the case with the pinapple. This little painting is part of that . . . .the other I am working on in the background is much more labor intensive and required some thought about design. So, depending when I finish it, you'll get to see it soon enough. I am even taking progress photos as I go along. Who knows? Maybe it will be an abject failure. D'ya think I am getting carried away?

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