Thursday . . Already!

oil on linen on panel, 8" x 6"

We are headed for the doc for a follow up visit today . . . . .it's beginning to look like Diana will be permitted up and about. That'll be good! Obviously, still life painting is nice, but being outside is even nicer. I gotta see my girl through this, in spite of the cabin fever.

Today's painting is another glass piece. Ed Terpening commented yesterday about how fun glass is to paint. He's right! There is something about painting glass which really shows up . . . .one MUST develop the skill of truly looking and seeing shapes, values and colors. Then one must paint what is seen . . not what we think is there. And it ain't easy. Never having done glass paintings before, I really admire those who do it well. My sense is that painting glass is a terrific training ground for learning to see other subjects well.

The challenge for today's painting was the constant aroma of onions in my studio . . .which added to the "realism," I suppose. ;-)

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