More Schmutzing on Canvas

oil on linen on panel, 6" x 8"

Schmutz? Whaaaat? You don't know what schmutzing is? Well, doesn't the sound of the word sort of suggest what I'm doing? Making little schlimey schpots! ;-)

Well, after yesterday's vow to go out and paint, the world caved in here. Never made it out. Maybe today. Nevertheless, I rose early to insure that today received its creative beginning.

I am feeling more comfortable with the paint and the techiques, but I still have a long (and exciting) journey of discovery ahead. Glassware is a major challenge of observation and subtlety of paint.
Jeff Hayes arouses envy in the way he makes use of color and value in his glassware paintings. I have much to learn!

Also, thanks to
Ed Terpening for the suggestion about photo images. The shine is driving me nutz! I'll have to explore that, Ed.

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