In Spite of Discouragement

Oil on Linen on panel, 6" x 8"
Some days I start out wondering if I can make it happen. Others seem like a snap. Today, it seemed like my patience was closing in on me. While I painted these little morsels of edible fungi, I wondered if it was ever going to come out right. At one point I remember my thoughts, "This just isn't working! I should throw this one away."
I often recall, when those words come up (and they often do), that 'somehow' it will work out if I hang in there and keep working the challenge. I hung in. This is no masterpiece, but each of these that I do confirms there is more to learn and more to master . . .but these little paintings are great big lessons. This, all done in shades of white and tans, was an exercise in using the light and shadow to suggest shape and form. And they look like I could eat em right now! Every day is a learning experience!
My wife is doing better, but is still flat on her back . . .visitors come and go . . . .this daily exercise is definetely a test of the depth of my commitment. And I am moving ahead . . .at least I am today. In spite of the doubts that show up, I just put one foot in front of the other.

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