Found Em In A Drawer . . .

"Dad's Darts"
oil on linen on panel, 5 1/2" x 8"
Yikes! The produce drawer was empty following a big mother's day dinner. I needed to go shopping. There was 'nothing to paint.' Looking for something, I opened a drawer that is rarely bothered and stumbled onto these little guys. My dad kept them in his desk at work and apparently used them on recalcitrant (izzat how you spell it?) employess when their back was turned . . . Wait! . . .That is meant to be a stab (get it?) at humor. Seriously, these were his when he was alive. By themselves, the composition didn't do much for me, but shadows brought the painting to the level of 'facinating.' They do look terrific in a frame and would go well in someone's family room, den or bar. Or even an office (with a warning to employees under the frame ;-) ) . . . .Ahem!

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