Diappointed !!

oil on linen on panel, 6" x 8"

Yesterday, after scrambling around in a real estate transaction, I headed back to the site where I had painted on Thursday afternoon. I couldn't wait to get there and try again to paint in that gorgeous light those incredible Eucalyptus trees . . .two of them with 8 foot diameter trunks stand on the edge of the little road, dwarfing everything in sight. These two trees, I estimate, are appoximately 125 feet high!

When I arrived, the road was blocked off and a crane with a crew of men were cutting down the trees!!!! I was sick to my stomach! I had formed a strong attachment to those trees, as you could tell from my previous post. I chose another set of trees close by, and struggled for nearly 4 hours to bring some control to that painting. More dissappointment!

Today's painting is another color challenge. These radishes actually change color to purple when left out to come to room temperature! In their own way, they offer a change of pace of shape and color . . . .especially when massed together like this.

Have a great holiday week end! I won't be posting tomorrow . . . . .but I might find my way to a paint brush. I just can't stay away.

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