Cabin Fever !

oil on linen on panel, 8" x 6"

I am actually enjoying looking after my wife in her temporary crippled state, but I have to admit that cabin fever has set in and is gnawing away at me. Today, I am going out to paint something . . . . . . .ANYTHING OUTSIDE!!!

Also, for the rest of you folks out there who are painters, having a mate who is as supportive as Diana is . . . .even in this trial of hers . . . makes painting successes much, much easier . . .and certainly more joyful when she shares the "high" with me!

Today's piece . . .more glass. Hope you like at as much as Diana does. BTW, in spite of a polarizing filter, I can't seem to eliminate the galre/sparkle from the oil surface. Will have to try something else.